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Scholarship Award


The Montserrat Aspirers Incorporated is offering Scholarship awards to selected student(s) entering an accredited institution of higher education. 

Application Criteria:

♦ Completed scholarship application.

Official high school transcript with GPA of 2.7 or Higher

♦ Two letters of recommendation from: principals, guidance counselors, teachers or ministers.

♦ A 500 word typed autobiographical statement that includes your future career objectives, any hobbies, and any extra-curricular activities. Also include what has inspired you to accomplish your goals.  The statement must be typed double-spaced on plain standard size (8½ x 11) paper.

♦ Proof of acceptance to a post-secondary institution.

Please read and sign below


I certify that all the information in all application materials is true and accurate.  I wish to be considered for the scholarship.  I understand that the committee will review all applications and that the decision of the committee is final.  I further understand that I may receive the scholarship only once.


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Montserrat Aspirers Incorporated

Scholarship Committee

P.O. Box 240874

Dorchester, MA 02124

Applications must be received by the 27th of May.

 Scholarships awardees will be notified before the presentation at the June 09, 2018 Anniversary Function at Aspirers - 358 Washington Street Dorchester, MA 02124